Marc Jacobs Quilted Anna Pictures..?

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  1. Does anyone have a mj quilted "anna"? I see tons of fakies on ioffer but no real ones out there and it's not on the mj site. I'd like to go to mj and see if they make it but would rather find out here so i don't look like a giant loser if there is no such bag! :smile: Any other sites that sell real mjs out there? Thanks!

    I'd love pix! :love: And I love this icon LOL:love: :lol:
  2. here is a fake. i hope mj still makes it! I love it!

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  3. Is this the bag you are talking about?

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  4. Thanks Savannah !! But that's not it. That fake ioffer bag is a "quilted anna"....If it's an actual MJ bag, i'm going to try to find it and get it. But sometimes those fakes aren't even fakes of actual styles. It's not on the mj site or anywhere online except for ioffer. So maybe it doesn't exist.

    Although I think hubby is going to get me a multi pocket after i was petting it for an hour at bloomingdales ...! :love:
  5. More, I haven't seen that style before, sorry can't be much help.