Marc Jacobs Quality

  1. Hey everyone this is a great resource for anyone who's serious about their purses!

    Has anyone had any problems with Marc Jacobs handbags? I'm thinking of purchasing one and was having some reservations since some people here mentioned that after just some light use the bag fell apart. Are Marc Jacobs handbags of good quality for the price you pay?

    Any thoughts?
  2. I think the quality of MJ is excellent.
    Yes there will be a defect here and there... but those are few and far between.
  3. My MJ bags are made very well. I carry a lot of stuff in my bags and am very hard on bags, but I have never had any problems with mine.
  4. I agree, I think they're made extraordinarily well, the leather is thick and durable. I've seen some corners wear, but not on any of mine.... Stitching stays tight, except maybe on the quilted bags that get a lot of use. Hardware is good too, except on the older antiqued hardware. Members complained of scratching/tarnishing of that particular kind of hardware, but MJ no longer produces any bags with antiqued hardware.

    Once in a while a zipperpull comes off here and there, which is rare from what it sounds like. Zipperpulls are available at the MJ boutiques. will repair most handbags for free if there is any defect. You would need to contact the website and then they will refer you to their repair company.

    Overall, I think their bags are worth every penny, and comparable if not better than other brands at their price range. After all, what bag doesn't show age after repeated use? IMO, I don't think Gucci, for example, is as well made as MJs.
  5. Thanks for your replies, Luna, Rorosity, Thithi! You've definitely alleviated my worries. I can now get the MJ bag I want without worries. Now I just have to choose between the Stam and Multipocket. Hmmmm
  6. I have used my Stella nearly every single day for almost 4 years. She's been my work-week commuter bag, stuffed with books for class, and taken nearly everywhere. Yes, there is definitely "wear" that's obvious, but no problems whatsoever with hardwear, the leather, etc. I plan to use her for a very, very long time. I agree that there are defects on occasion, but that's true with every designer. I agree with Thithi on Gucci, for example.

    Good luck with MJ, I hope you're as happy as I've been with mine!
  7. I think that MJ bags are excelent quality for the price that you pay for them. The leather is durable, and they do last for a long time. They do have minor defects from time to time but that can be expected with any brand, and the biggest problem is with tarnishing hardware. The other nice thing about buying designer is that if something breaks alot if times it can be fixed!
  8. I usually abuse my everyday bags, yet all of my MJ bags have stood the test of time! :p

    Truly worth every penny u would pay!
  9. Excellent quality, as mentioned before, I had a zipper pull come off my Stella, but it went back on. Very durable bags.
  10. Wow...I have never heard of these bags falling apart. I have found this line to be one of the most well made and that I do not have to baby them at all. I have heard of hardware problems from time to the snap closure of the grace or original stam if loaded with too much weight and I have heard of problems when it was the second or third owner but not with the original owner. This I have found to be normal in exchange for the discounted price of a previously used bag.
    Now, on the other hand...I have a lot to say about the discount policies of Marc bags and the corporate suits of the company but so far nothing negative about the bags...Proud owner of 47 and counting. :tup:mags

  11. wow that's a lot! and if that isn't a ringing endorsement of MJ bags, i don't know what is;)
  12. 47 bags? Wow. I am impressed....and very envious. I love MJ bags and would love to have that many to choose from!
  13. I think they hold up well, I've never seen them fall apart, but I've seen Prada and Gucci's fall apart.
  14. Wow thanks for all the posts ladies. I'm sure I'm going to be very happy with my new MJ bag. It's great to know that I'll be getting a bag which is awesome both in looks and quality!
  15. i'm really happy with all my MJ and MbyMJ bags! they're really well-made. You need not worry about the quality