marc jacobs pumps...and alternatives, help please! =)

  1. I am lusting over these:


    but the most I've spent one pair of shoes was $350 and this is $795!!!

    I wanted to find ones that look like this (1. patent 2. Have a thicker heel 3. have some sort of design so it's not plain)
    without success........sigh...:crybaby:

    I do not need any more thin-heeled pumps...sigh...

    I did find these:

    but I already have black leather pumps (albeit not patent) and it is kinda plain....any suggestions?
  2. sigh...nobody? I have 2 pairs of thin-heeled pumps and really need thick heeled one. Purely for practical purposes (the sidewalks don't agree with the thin stilettos)...
    any opinions on the thicker heels? Can't seem to find some nice ones....sigh
  3. The Marc by Marc Jacobs line carries a wide line of shoes with thicker heels, but not as thick as the shoes pictured. Try! I recently picked up a gorgeous pair of mj's for $140 from $500!!
  4. These are interesting and are $495. No embellishments though.
    Yves Saint Laurent.jpg
  5. Oops...I forgot to mention that they're Yves Saint Laurant.
  6. what are the 2nd ones you posted?
  7. I was going to mention MBMJ too. They usually retail for $300-400. There are many similar styles. I just bought a patent pump with a thicker heel for about $350 that was MBMJ. If you find what you are looking for you can always add shoe clips so they aren't plain.