Marc Jacobs Pochette

  1. Is this an older bag of his?
  2. I'm not too familiar with MJ, but this seller has a lot of bags listed and is selling them for low prices. He has the MJ "Cammie" bag listed with a BIN of $198? Sounds fishy to me :suspiciou
  3. Any internet stores you know that carries it?
  4. My Off 5th has a bag that looks like that but is double the size - like 2 of those side by side. It was originally about $88, then at Off 5th they retailed it for about $400 now it's half off that!!!

    Umm, no, I haven't seen the bag you posted :blush
    Sorry, this thread reminded me of that great find this weekend!
  5. Anyone?????=o( I really love this bag
  6. Nex-Tag is just a middle man. If you look at the item you want you'll see the online store it's available at.
  7. I ordered that first bag from NM a long time's really really small! I don't remember how much it was...not THAT much, but def. too small for me! I returned it.