Marc Jacobs Pinks

  1. hey everyone...okay so i want a pink Mj bag...and now that im doing obsessive searches on eBay, and looking at referance threads here I'm getting a bit overwhelmed as there are A LOT of variations in his bags!:wtf:

    im looking at most likely a sophia, but generally something in a shoulder style, with nickle hardware.

    does anyone know the colors of pinks? or have pictured that will help me decide???

    so far i've managed to sort out berry, maroon, cherry blossom, geranium, hot pink, washed rose.:girlsigh:

    does anyone have any more info, or better yet, pics of these??? i'd love to be able to see them side by side:confused1:
  2. ^^ hey, I thought you were on a BAN! ;)
  3. planning for when my lil' ban is over...:whistle:

    in the meantime, im educating when that perfect bag comes along, it'll be worth the ban:yahoo:
  4. she is, but it ends in less than two months! a girl can plan her next step of attack, can't she?

    i'm sorry i can't help you with the pinks and with the search function down, it's hard to get pics that have been posted. i've seen lots of the cherry blossom venetia. it's very pretty and feminine. maroon and berry might not be pink enough for you? they come off as more purple-ish to me.
  5. Here are some pinks I pulled from the 'pics of your bags' thread. I hope it helps!

    Selma - Lavender
    Berry Venetia, Cherry Blossom Blake

    Maroon Sophia and Zip Clutch

    Cherry Blossom Carolina

    Rose Quartz Blake, Berry (different from Berry color in Venetia above) Stella

    Violet Round Hobo
  6. exactly!!

    yah...i tried doing a search and there's no button to search with so i was hoping one of the gals on here had some pics. the berry appears to be more of a fuschia. im all for fuschia....but the cherry blossom is rather lovely too. did the sophia come in berry or fuschia though/??
  7. dawn~ oh thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it seems berry is like a darker version of the cherry blossom...

    here are a few i found on eBay, but im stumped on the colors:
    pink.jpg pink2.jpg
  8. Now I am thinking "pink"!!
  9. Here's a pic of my Lrg Multipocket in Gerainium. It's my favorite MJ pink!:love:

  10. Ooooh that Geranium is nice! But I am loving the Berry!!!!:love:
    Good Luck Jun!!
  11. devonesgirl;~ that's lovely!! i think it's a bit bright though for me...i was watching a sophia in that color for a while

    luna~ thank you so much for chiming in!!!
  12. ^ june, no more Poppy but Pink now, eh? :p
  13. ahahah!!! some sort of color from that side of the spectrum! well, i've been looking over the shapes the poppy was made into, and somehow the nickle on the older MJ's always wins me over....and the sophias and such didn't come in poppy,...sooooo....
  14. ^ I'm just teasing you! :p Anyway, I'm hardly a fan of pink but for whatever odd reason I find cherry blossom to be rather pretty. That's quite something since I detest pink!