Marc Jacobs Pinks

  1. I'm trying to compile a list of various pinks MJ collection bags have used, especially the lighter shades.

    Also, it might just be my computer screen/camera flash/lighting, but rose quartz, petal pink and petunia seem to be almost identical. Can anyone shed some insight as to the color differences between these?
  2. MJ releases a lot of repeat colors. They may vary by a shade, but the contrast stitching and interior is always different. That always makes a difference to me. Out of those colors, I think the one I like most is the Petunia because it has the tan suede lining.
  3. Ahh, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much :smile:
  4. Recently, "washed pink" Stellas were on sale an Nordstrom Rack stores. It is a really light, true pink, color with dark red contrast stitching and suede lining.
  5. Thank you :smile: I saw those before this post, but I still couldn't tell the difference between petal, rose and petunia. I mostly wondered if my eyes were just getting that bad :shame: