Marc Jacobs pink venetia

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  1. What do you gals think about the venetia in pink. It is a summer bag color? Do you think it is versatile with most outfits? TIA!! :yes:
    MJ Venetia.jpg
  2. I like it, but I wouldn't wear it all the time because I wear a lot of red and I would be worried about clashing.
  3. I think that color would be lovely for summer!
  4. I think the color is great for the summer. it's a pretty color and it's so bright and fun!
  5. I really don't worry about clashing colors and such. I'm not into being matchy matchy so I think it will go with everything!
  6. Love it!!!
  7. I think it's gorgeous!
  8. i likr it
  9. I do too and I can get it for $459.00, YAY. :yahoo:
    I think I am going to go for it.
  10. Go for it! I have a pink Blake, and I find that it goes with a lot!
  11. For that price, get it! I would too :yes: