Marc Jacobs Petrol Stam

  1. Hey PFers!
    I was wondering if the petrol blue stam had white stitching like this one


    thanks :heart:
  2. the petrol color , as i recall, is much brighter than the pic shown above. i'm not sure about the stitching though :Push:
  3. I don't think petrol stam has light colored stitching, it's more of a mid to dark blue color of stitching....
  4. Apart from the stitching and colour, the shape of the bag looks off. Too long and boxy at the bottom, no?
  5. Hi..My petrol stam was from Marc in SF and is a really dark green with dark green stitching and a suede lining. It was the original Stam that was less structured than the ones now. The leather is really soft but can't remember if it was goat. Hope this helps. maggie
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