Marc Jacobs petrol blue stam bag

  1. I have look for petrol blue stam bag for a long time , but not one is authentic.
    Who can sell me 100% authentic petrol blue stam bag or where can buy it.
    Thank you very much.:yes:

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  2. Those are very difficult to find. I think only MJ stores have them, but you'd have to call and ask them to locate one for you. Last I heard, somebody purchased one in Singapore at a MJ boutique. Good Luck!
  3. ew, fake!
  4. but singapore has no MJ boutique....? Malaysia maybe? (Kuala Lumpur/KL?)
  5. yes it was actually KL at KLCC. I remember that thread, the member was actually on the way to pick up a Chloe silverado when she passed the MJ store and fell in love with the petrol.
  6. when was that..?? maybe i should start looking at KL to look for 05 stams..?
  7. several months ago. All out....I called already couple of months ago:P anyhow even if they have in stock I wldnt buy them cos it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive over there. Almost 8000 ringgit for the stam so over 3000 Sing dollars. Crazy. That is a premium I wldnt pay. Couple of hundred over maybe but a thousand way. But that is just me.:shrugs:
  8. WOW!! really?? it must be taxed to death or something... how come MJ decided to have a boutique in KUALA LUMPUR / MALAYSIA of all places, and not singapore? i would have thought that if there is a choice it would be singapore for this region.... curious...
  9. m not sure but I reckon there are datuks etc there with high purchasing power and not forgetting the huge number of wealthy Arab visitors Malaysia get.:smile: