Marc Jacobs perfume

  1. I didn´t find a thread on this. Has anyone got/smelt Marc Jacobs´s perfumes? Blush in particular. I´ve been thinking of ordering it online but I can´t sniff it before since it´s not in stores here. Please describe how it smells, all "fluffybittyitty" descriptions help me:lol:
  2. I've had it. The signature one and it's full of gardenias! So if you don't like florals don't buy it. I saw Blush last night for $29.99 @ Marshalls. It's even more heady than Marc. Spiked w/peony I think. But overall it's a floral w/wood mix. Like maybe sandalwood. Hope that helped. LOL.
  3. Thanks! I love florals so it sounds really good!
  4. It's really sophisticated. I didn't wear mine everyday. To Sunday service, weddings, the movies, a fancy restaurant, nice date w/ a worthy guy, instances like that.
  5. I really like Blush. It's much lighter than the original MJ perfume to me... If you like gardenias and other "white" flowers, I think Blush is a very pretty scent.
  6. When I 1st smelled it I got a good whiff of peony. And peony is strong to my nose senses. But both are pretty scents.