Marc Jacobs patent Ursula tote

  1. What do you think about the black patent MJ Ursula tote? Do you think that this can be carried year round? Also, do you think the patent leather maintains as well as the regular matte leather? Thanks.
  2. I think patent leather is a little more delicate in that you have to be careful about things "sticking" to it and transferring--more so with the light colors. Like if you stuck the bag on a magazine, the magazine could wind up on your bag--like silly putty. Patent leather cleaner is also available--so that should help maintain the leather.

    The tote is cute, but I think it's sorta hard to pull off. I only seem to see the bag on young girls. But it looks cute on them. If you like the bag and would carry it--go for it!
  3. I love it! I saw it today at Nordstrom and was THISclose to buying it, but my credit card needed a rest, so I was relieved when they told me the only one they had in stock was the display (no thanks!). I think this can be carried year-round. It's a very great day bag, IMO. I think I might wait and see if it goes on sale anywhere. Although, I don't think it will.
  4. Read in the Deals&Steals forum that you got it. Congrats. =)
    Which color did you choose? Please post pics. =)
  5. Yogagirl, how do you feel about it? Didn't hear back from you about whether it's a good work bag for you.

    For this particular line of MJ bags, I prefer patent over non-patent: The non-patent ones look dull to me. I'm told that dirt/dust can be wiped off of Patent Leather items easily. Since you went with Black, maybe, you don't have to worry about the color-transfer issue. Wickedassin, am I wrong to assume that it's more of a problem for lighter colors?

    If you can post some pictures of you & the tote, we can see how it looks on you & go from there?
  6. Yep, I got it! I ordered it from a Nordstrom in California. It should be coming next week. I got the black patent one. I'll definitely post pictures when I get it!

    I also prefer the patent over the non-patent. I saw the non-patent at the mall and it just was not as nice. It seemed really plain!
  7. So cute!
  8. I just got the black one yesterday at Nordstrom at the Grove in Los Angeles. They got tons of selection and the best thing was that they were having 20% off all Marc Jacob handbags!!! I have been looking for a roomy bag for my laptop and work files, so when I saw this bag and plus the discount I couldn't say no. This bag is awesome.
  9. Congrats everyone. Please post pics. =) I love seeing pictures of members with their bags.
  10. u are way tooooo nice!!!! You helped alot of us members get great bags at discounts from bloomies and nordstroms..many thanks!!!
  11. What sizes in the bowler are most of you liking/purchasing? I purchased the large but am always fearful that things will look too large, as I am only 5'3". For example, the oversized YSL Muse was monstrous on me.
  12. I am 5', I got the small bowler; for Muse, I would do Medium for myself.
  13. The large bowler is pretty massive. I LOVE big bags (fan and owner of the oversized Muse), but the bowler in my opinion is not particularly attractive in the large size. In the small size it is classy and darling. The large size however is far too squatty, short and bulky for my liking. I think the bowler loses its elegance in the large size.
  14. I just purchased the quilted bowler in Cream.
    OK, is it just me or why do I feel like it looks iike something my grandmother would carry????'Cause its cream and maybe I'm not used to a lrg cream bag
  15. I really might have to hunt down a smaller one and return the large.