Marc Jacobs Patent Mouse flats needed!!

  1. I came across a picture of the mouse flats last week. Thought they were adorable and tried them on at a department store. They were the pony hair ones. Didn't get them because they were selling for $355. WAY out of my price range. I was on eBay one day and I bought a pair for $159-patent leather. I was browsing tPF and came across some fake MJ mouse flat threads. Not sure if mine are real or not. I have 7 days to return them so please authenticate these for me. thank you so so much!
    284041517.jpg 284041527.jpg 284041553.jpg 284041548.jpg 284041525.jpg
  2. additional pics
    284041559.jpg 284041543.jpg 284041523.jpg
  3. Please....somebody, anybody?

    I have 7 days to decided to exchange it for a 6 or return it.
  4. can you post a picture of the bottom of the shoe please. Does it use European sizing like 38 or US sizing like 8?
  5. Thanks for replying!

    I can't take a picture of the bottom of the shoe b/c it doesn't come out clear but it's european sizing.


    I did do a search yesterday on tpf regarding marc jacobs mouse flats and came upon that thread. I still can't tell if they're authentic or not. My pictures will enlarge if you click on them. The only thing is that the seller had more pairs in other sizes.
  6. I'm wondering about them because of the placement of the writing on the insoles. The ones I've seen that are authentic have the writing centered in between those stitches on the insole..the S tends to skew more to the left side of the stitching when you're looking at it with the mouse face pointing downward.
    Also, it's pretty much never a good thing when a seller has multiples of items (even in sizes, I saw who they came from, I believe). As far as I remember, these shoes sold out pretty quickly so I doubt anyone would have such a large stock of them. :hrmm:
  7. I have a white pair of the slingback mouse flats that I got from MJ boutique a couple of years ago. I compared several things. The 'MARC JACOBS' on the sole is centered on mine, yours is not. Also the MARC JACOBS on authentic ones has a light greyish color in the word JACOBS. Yours does not appear that way in the pictures although in person, it might look different. Plus the font on yours looks too thin, its thicker on the authentic ones. The heel looks different from mine, but that might be because it is a ballet flat and not open back like mine. I hope it helps somewhat.
  8. Oh, to clarify, I mean the authentic ones have the writing centered on the insoles (as HubbaWubba also said). Yours have it skewed to the left when you're looking at them with the mouse face pointed downward.
  9. They look similar to the flats that were sold about a year or two ago. But I have not been able to find black patent in the most recent incarnation of the mouse flats.
  10. Actually Marc Jacobs is centered. I think the picture got warped during resizing. I just want to talk all of you for replying. Since I still have my doubts, I'll just return it. Maybe the ones at Zappos will go on sale. Who knows right? THanks again!
  11. i don't think they're real. the font just looks off. the sole looks poorly made (it looks kind of lumpy from the side view). did you buy it from the person who is selling lots for $149? if so they're most certainly fake.

    if you don't mind the calf hair ones, has a code for 25% off i think.
  12. I have a pair of the pony black ones, I bought from Saks. I think you should get your money back, as the interior label doesn't look correct. I think a photo of the bottom of the shoe would help determine whether yours is the real deal. Also, bloomingdales has these shoes, and they sometimes have a 20% off sale, just keep an eye out!!
  13. did you check to see if the seller just sold that one pair, or several pairs at one time? that can be a dead giveaway. also, where was the seller located?