Marc Jacobs Patent Leather Mouse Flats/Slings ON SALE!!!!

  1. So, a lot of girls here (as well as me!!) wanted the patent leather mouse flats by MJ:love: , but, they sold out everywhere, and are only now available on eBay for double the retail price. I was shopping in last night at a store called "Plaza Too" in Westport, CT. They had the flats in a grey color and the slings in white. I'm not sure how much they were on sale, anywhere from 20-50% off. Also, I don't know what size they're in there, all I know is they didn't have my HUGE size 11's in either styles.:cry: Good luck girls, and post if you have any luck in your size!!!
    The website:

    Store info:
    TEL: (203) 454-4719 • EMAIL:
    STORE HOURS: MON-FRI 9:30-6:30 SAT 9:30-6 SUN 12-5
  2. that is so awesome!!! thanks for posting, i'll call them tomorrow!!

    oh does anyone know how these fit?
  3. I called them this morning. On sale for 199 plus 8 for shipping. Very few sizes left. I managed to get a 6.5 in grey. No size 7 in either style.
  4. Congratulations! I'm glad you dont have ginormous feet like me! :yucky: Be sure to post pics when ya get them!:yes:
  5. Grey? I never knew they have grey! I must give them a call tomorrow then, thanks for the heads up chanelissy
  6. Yep, grey flats. Very chic, my first choice, good luck! :yes:
  7. arg arg arg. why am I not in the u.s. when things are going on sale! :smile:
  8. So did anyone manage to get a pair? I went to the website but they're not there, I assume sold out :sad:
  9. they weren't on there ever, you have to call. i got a pair, waiting to get them :smile: in grey.
  10. >>they weren't on there ever, you have to call. i got a pair, waiting to get them :smile: in grey

    Ohhhh man, just when I thought I couldn't get any stupider :noggin: Congrats to you for getting them though :shame:
  11. gymangel, have you recieved your pair?
  12. yeah and they're great! i would post a picture but i've been busy today because my car got totaled in an accident. i shall try to post pics asap.
  13. AH! :amazed: Are you okay?! Enjoy your shoes, you deserve them!!! I hope everything is allright!!!
  14. I saw some white patent ones on sale at Neimans btw.

    I hope everything is ok with that car accident btw. :oh:
  15. Which Neiman did you see the shoes? Any 35 and how much is it now? Is it still possible to find the glitter flats?
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