Marc Jacobs Patchwork Venetia

  1. Hi all,

    I'd like to purchase my second Marc Jacobs item, the color is silver. Please tell me all you guys know about the bag. How is maintenance on this color. Does the silver fade? Do you cherish it like your other Mj bags?? I have an MJ stam hobo and I love it so much. I feel like a star when I use it, I think this bag is going to be even more of a treasure. Anyway, Please tell me all you guys know.

  2. I love the Venetia!! Unfortunately, I've heard that the color on metallic bags rubs off after a while. :sad: Would you consider a Patchwork Venetia in another color?
  3. I think the patchwork venetia is beautiful! But I agree with Melly, I'd be concerned with the color rubbing off after a while. I was surprised to find that I can fit the Venetia handles over my shoulder.
  4. thanks for the info, i think i may reconsider, that would really suck, spending all that money only to have it rub off. i'd be so miffed.