Marc Jacobs passionistas...

  1. Go check out the Spring 2006 bags on the website. Ooh lala, some of these are gorgeous! I especially like the shiny black quilted tote and the apple green satchel with the gold hardware. :love: Will have to keep an eye out for these...nice!!!
  2. They have that green satchel on, I think.

    I think that Elise in the shiny quilted leather may be the next bag on my I-can-wish-but-will-never-have list.
  3. Oh yay! I'm going right now pseub!
  4. Will definitely check it out....thanks for the heads-up.
  5. Love the elise in white. what a stunning bag! Saw that @ NM's.

    If they make the stam in that green, I'm going to have to go for it!!!
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