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  1. Hi Ladies. I was wondering if some of you MJ owners can help me out. I am in love with the Blake! :love: However, the one I'm looking at has a suede lining. Do you think this will be a pain to keep clean? Does the Blake also come w/ a fabric interior? Thanks!
  2. They all come with a suede interior as far as I know. The one I had was beige suede, which was wasn't necessarily hard to keep up but let's just say I didn't carry any pens or makeup in it. :lol:
  3. I dont think suede vs fabric makes a difference...honestly......If something stains...its bound to ruin both!
  4. I do love the look of the suede lining. Thanks for your input! I'm going to take the plunge tomorrow and get it. I'm pretty careful with my bags so it sounds like it'll be ok. I can't wait!
  5. Some of the Blake's have a blue suede lining (the Putty I looked at today does). I have been a little paranoid about getting the lining of my Sophia dirty, but I'm trying to be careful with it, and I figure that no one will see it but me anyway...

    After my first Burberry tote got pen marks on the suede lining the first week I had it, I learned to put pens, makeup and anything else that could make marks into waterproof cosmetics cases before stowing in my bags. That's helped a lot.
  6. My marc jacob has a cloth lining of blue and white polka dots... i got it as a gift... its a couple years old but in my experience a lot of bags w/ suede interiors are fakes..
  7. I have a MJ Blake and a Multi-pocket. One has pale yellow suede and the other one has a light blue suede lining. I always use pens with caps, not the clicky kind and keep my makeup in a little makeup bag. I've never had problems with my lining getting too dirty. The yellow still looks good and so does the blue. I think if you're careful, you should do ok with the suede lining. To be honest, I think my suede lining looks better than my suede purse!
  8. Suede lining is great. I love it!!!
  9. I love my red MJ bag. I do not care for its tan suede lining though. My black leather wallet makes smudge marks in it. Oh, the other day I spilled bottled water and there is a noticeable dried up stain inside the bag. Overall, I love my bag, but wishes it had a darker color suede lining.
  10. I have MJ bags both with fabric and suede interiors, and honestly, I prefer the fabric. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel that the bag is lighter in fabric too.
  11. The suede is very nice and luxurious. But it does add weight to the bag. It's sorta like having two bags to carry since you're getting the leather and hardware and THEN the suede lining--but I think it's definitely worth it!