marc jacobs outlets

  1. do they exist? if so, WHERE?? :graucho:
  2. My heart started beating fast when I saw your subject line. I wish!!!! Waaahhhh. Sniff, sniff.
  3. Some members here mentioned finding MJ bags (from previous seasons) at Off 5th & Nordstrom Rack. =)
  4. Yep, I saw some a few months ago at Off 5th at the San Jose Great Mall. There were at least 30 MJ bags from previous seasons and not one customer looking at them. They were just sitting there, looking kinda sad =( ...
  5. Yeah..the mj bags at the off 5th outlets aren't that nice. The same ones always lay around in the one by me too.
  6. Maybe we could provide foster homes for them until they are lovingly adopted by someone who is worthy. :P
  7. ^LOL! Coachwife..are you applying??!!!
  8. Submitted my application already. Provided you as a reference. LOL.
  9. They already got back with me. They accused you of running an illegal boarding house. They say your home is overcrowded and the ratio of owners to bags is off the scale. And that you must cull through your MJ bags and get rid of some to give the neglected bags more attention. :smile:
  10. they used to have one a couple years ago, but then decided to close it down. when i went in there it was celine/marc jacobs and they had a couple bags but nothing much.
  11. LMAO!!!! that why the MP is opening up again..just for me???!!!LOL!
  12. YES!! so give them to meee!!
  13. Coachwife6 and Jill - LOL
  14. Same here. =)