1. Hi I would like to know what you think of these 2 watches


    The marc Jacobs one with a Patent Strap ( really sexy )



    Folli Folli Crystal Case with leather strap?

    I love both! but mummy only allows one :sad:

    a4b4_1.JPG Watchofdesire.jpg
  2. I, honestly, like the Marc Jacobs one better. I think it looks better.
  3. Between the two, I prefer the second.
  4. Thats still 1:1 haha. In singapore, the marc jacobs one comes only in 1 piece 1 design while the folli follie is not even out yet..
  5. bump!
  6. I think the MJ looks more original.
  7. Between these two, I like the Folli one better.
  8. folli folli is my pick!
  9. O i dunno, im a impatient person because its like the follie folli has not arrived yet and Im sort of desperate. Maybe i should get both? Is the marc jacobs even worth getting..?
  10. Folli
  11. I prefer the MJ. Better shape and better color.
  12. ... Its so equal. I need some definite opinions:sad:?
  13. i have a follie follie and i love it! Between the two you posted i opt for the FF!
  14. Ya, the folli follie was the first watch i fell in love with, but after shopping with friends i went to marc jacobs and whoa, it was a another nice design. Okay, i think i will get both!
  15. haute couture has made moi's decision its definitely the follie follie one..even tisa said follie follie but we both respect ur decision, even if its the uglier one..duh what are bff's for