Marc Jacobs One Day Sale - NYC

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  1. Just read this on The Thrillist --

    Anyone have any details or confirmation?

    [FONT=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]Marc Jacobs Bag Sale[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]11am-7pm, tomorrow only
    163 Mercer, between Houston and Prince; 212.343.1490

    Tomorrow's one-day-only, once-a-year sale features three types of bags, all dramatically slashed down to $200.
  2. Is this for tomorrow - Friday the 15th???
    This is getting my pulse racing! Hope it's true!
  3. Yes, I think it's for Friday.
  4. OMG!!!!!!!! Why don't I live in New York???????

    Any idea which bags will be included???
  5. shoot. i'll be out of town
  6. yess im excited i was born in new york and moved a year ago. Marc jacobs was always my favorite store. Im living tonight to visit family Im definitly gooing. They always have the best sales.
  7. They also did this sale over the summer. I'd read that someone got a really nice and expensive bag from the previous season. Ooh, if only I didn't have to be at work at 7. When I went, all they had left was a smallish pouchette by the name of selena or something with an S.

    I wonder what time the first person in line is going to get there.
  8. I'd love to go but I work in midtown and it's a pain to get all the way downtown in the middle of the day.
  9. Yeah, I have meetings when it opens :sad:, but maybe something will be there over lunch if I can steal away?
  10. and yep, lisabrelle, it is a PAIN to get there from midtown, where I work, too!
  11. I'm stuck downtown in the world financial center and all the trains are a hike away.
  12. There are a few of us PFers here in Midtown!!
  13. haha, maybe us midtowners can take a field trip together!
  14. does anyone know which three types of bags will be on sale?? thansk!
  15. I was told that the past season bags were on sale. I think it was the Selma at $195.00. Don't think I venture there unless the zip bowler is on sale.