Marc Jacobs on The Hills!

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  1. On tonight's episode! Lauren was in NYC and was asked to help at a casting for the MbyMJ show. Marc came out and introduced himself. His appearance was far too brief for my liking.
  2. haha thithi! who knew a year ago that the man in the glasses with the greasy hair would have an ass like that!
  3. Oh my!! :nuts: Thithi you're hilarious!
  4. There have been a lot of pictures of him floating around over the last few days on the blogs. He's got blue hair!
  5. Hot Behind!!:yahoo::woohoo::P
  6. Yeah his blue hair at the Murakami event was kind of strange...I did see the pic of him at halloween with a cheerleader uniform on. He looked cute!
  7. hes got a great ass! :devil:
  8. ROFL... it cracks me up.. I found this pic on the LV forum.
    I'd like to see the other pics if anyone has them!
  9. Nice bum!! :drool: Is it getting hot in here?? lol...
  10. I saw it last night! I was like, O:huh:oo LC is going to help with Marc for his show. Then he appears. Before I coul even say anything my bf says, Hey look it's Marc Jacobs! LOL
  11. I thought it was so cool how MJ was on the show! I was kinda disappointed in Lauren's reaction, though. She didn't even get up to shake his hand! I would've at least stood up out of respect!

    I think next week's episode is gonna be awesome! I can't wait to see more footage of the show. I love the MbMJ fall line!
  12. ^^I totally thought the same thing marclover. I was surprised Lauren played it so cool. She didn't seem excited at all. And you're right...she should have at least stood up. Marc was sweet playing around with her about the extreme importance of "alphabetizing." :P
  13. I thought the blue hair was kind of odd too. I was guessing that it was done in tribute of Murakami and his designs. Here's a sample pic of the two of them: