Marc Jacobs on Sale at Neimans

  1. Hi purse-friends,
    just wanted to share...I just got back from the Neiman Marcus in The Mall at Short Hills. Today is the first day of their designer sale and the pursefreak that I am, the store opened at 10 and I was in the handbag department at 10:05. :biggrin:

    They had a lot of Marc Jacobs on sale. I'm not familiar with the styles but I saw several patent leather quilted bags (in this weird shade of green) and many of the brown perforated leather handbags (thoe ones that are shaped like an LV Speedy). Oh and I also saw some of the canvas quilted bags (they were a denim color???). Sorry, I don't know prices, but the bags were "on the tables", so you know at a minimum they were 30% off (if not more).

    Hope this info is helpful for someone...good luck and happy shopping! :flowers:
  2. :yes: thanks for the info!! greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks!! I scored the last white Bridgitte in Neiman's (at least that is what the sa told me). 33% off :smile:
  4. Report from NM Fashion Island:

    Soft Calf line: Black/White Stella, Sophia, Sienna, Julia, Daria (very beautiful color) ...
    Denim line: Washed/Dark Denim Multipocket, Washed Denim Satchel, ..
    Perforated line: Bridgitte, Tote, Flap, ..
    Ursula line: Lee, other styles in Moss (Green), ..

    SAs said Ursula Elise, Bowler (Chalk/Black) are not on sale.

    Non-MJ items: Lots of Celine Boogies/Dorine/.., Alexander McQueen's Novak! (not the all-leather one), Chloe Glady/IrisBuffalo/, Prada, .......

    I can't remember right now...
  5. BL: Is that online? I am not finding anything online. We live in the sticks and about three-hours plus from any major retailer.
  6. Sorry to hear that. The listing was for NM in Newport Beach, California. Do you want to post pictures of the styles on sale there? The sale is about 30% I think.
  7. Oh, thank you, but that's OK. I just have to do shopping online and when everyone says Neiman's or Saks is having a sale on a certain bag, it's not online. I thought it meant particular stores, etc., but thanks for asking. You are always such a sweeties. :smile:
  8. Unfortunately, the Neiman's store price is not the same as the online price. I e-mailed Neiman's customer service and they told me that they don't match the online prices to the store prices. ????? That is odd, to me. I bought the calf skin Stella in black over the weekend, then wanted to get the white online, but it was not on sale. I got the black on sale at the store.

  9. Congrats on your purchases!
  10. I was told that they are seperate as well, therefore, they don't price match. According to them, stores take returns from online orders as a 'courtesy' to their customers, the items get sent back to the online store.

    Are you still looking for the White Stella? I saw some at NM Fashion Island recently, I'm not sure if there are any left now though. I heard that Nordstrom has an even bigger discount on Stella -- it's hard finding a store that still has it though.

    Congrats on Black Stella, it's really a 'classic' and beautiful bag. I love it. =)