Marc Jacobs on Oprah!

  1. Marc Jacobs will be on Oprah today (02/27/06)...for every LV lover out there, this is a must-see!

    :love: :love:
    marc on oprah.jpg
  2. I love Marc Jacobs! not for LV but for MJ! eeeeee!!
  3. But my hubby laughed when he saw the commercial spot for ELMO and MJ being on Oprah today...strange combo-eh????!!!!!
  4. and Oprah got that bag for free, right? :mad:
  5. That seems really interesting, but I can't stand Oprah. Love the bag, though.
  6. If she didn't, it might be Hermes all over. lol :sick:
  7. :lol: :lol:
  8. Doeas anyone know what the name of that bag is? Anywhere else where there are pics of it?
  9. That's the super rare larger waltz bag.. the oskar ?
  10. I can't wait!
    It's on in about 5 min!!
  11. I just saw Oprah's bag...:love:
  12. that bag is absolutely gorgeousss...i must talk to my s.a about getting my hands on one LOL
  13. Too short of a segment! I did enjoy it though. Thanks for the heads up Texaschic!
  14. I enjoyed the segment on Marc Jacobs. I love the bag Oprah got for free!
  15. I wanna be friends with MJ, can you imagine all the kick @ss stuff you would get for free?