marc jacobs on newbury st, boston ma

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  1. hey ladies! i just returned from my weekend venture up to boston. of course, i had to hit up the marc jacobs collection store on newbury street.

    the staff there were SO friendly and super sweet. especially biannca. she helped me decided on a grey quilted venetia with gold hardware(with a gold chain, like the stam), but when she rang me up, there was a problem with my bank card. the bank put a hold on my card because of the large out-of-state purchase i was trying to make; i guess they assumed my card was stolen. needless to stay, i didn't get the bag :tdown: i was able to buy a pair of the mj vans shoes, so alteast i left with something!

    overall, i had a great experience there, and if any of you ladies are ever in the boston area, go there and ask for biannca! :tup:
  2. When I was in NYC with my sister in April, my card was not accepted at the hotel in which I was staying. After finally registering with another card, I called my ccard company, and found out that my original card number had been comprimised. Turns out that someone in Latvia used my number to purchase something for $2 there. I told the ccard company that, had I actually traveled to Latvia, I would have definitely spent more than $2, and thanked them for canceling my card. You might want to check into why your card was declined, because someone likely stole your number too.
  3. Yes - always good to check why the "hold". Last month, with all the sales, I had purchased "luxury items" over the phone in different states. Per credit card company, those items, plus mundane items like dog food and take-out purchased by my hubby at home triggered an "alert". Fortunately, we got it cleared up over the phone immediately and I was able to continue my sale shopping, but I was a little perturbed. That's been happening to us more than a few times this past couple of years because we travel both for business and like to use our joint card for FF mileage. But the dual-use of one at home buying gasoline and the other off at restaurants and shopping sets off the warnings!! The first time, my hubby was stranded in Chicago for 24 hrs with no CC!
  4. ah see now your scaring me! what happened was this. i went to my bank on friday morning and deposted $1300 bc i knew i was going to be buying a bag, and i didnt want to travel up to boston carrying all that money in my wallet. so i left saturday morning and got to the mj collection store around 3pm. she swiped my card, and it wasnt declined bc of insuff. funds, but because of the out of state purchase. the card never left my sight, or my wallet, since i made the initial deposit on friday.

    but i WILL call them tomorrow morning just to make sure nothing is going on with my card.
  5. i straightened everything out with my bank. what happened was that i have a $500 limit on my bank card, which is what i was trying to use. the lady i spoke with said if i ever want to spend over that amount, i have to verify it through the bank first. what a hassle just to use MY money! :cursing:
  6. ^ it is a pain. i especially hate it when i cash a check and it will take days before i see the entire amount credited towards my available balance. i've had my bank freeze my card too because they determined that i was "spending too much money in such a short amount of time." i was thinking, have these people not heard/been on shopping sprees? plus, i do this every other weekend. shouldn't they be in tuned to my spending habits by now?

    on the other hand, it would be a lifesaver if my card were to get stolen without my knowledge and the thief tried to empty out my entire checking account.

    i see it as a necessary evil sort of like airport security and my mother's incessant (by incessant, i mean caring) nagging.
  7. everytime i leave the state, i call the CC company and let them know where i am traveling to so i don't have a hold placed on my account. save you the time and headache.
  8. yeah after going through what i had to deal with over the weekend, i know what to do now anytime i leave new york!
  9. Debit cards can be a pain because of their daily limits. There's nothing more embarassing than to be told your card was declined while in the midst of making a large purchase. I know this from experience. Anyhow, if you use credit instead of debit you shouldn't be limited by those rules. Unless, of course, someone puts a hold on your account resulting from identity theft. What's ironic about my experience with debit cards is that I was trying to buy a new mattress. Maybe that's where I should stash my cash from now on and be free of the bank's rules!

    Debbie Downer
  10. honestly, i may be the only tpf'er who doesnt own a credit card. i know if i get one, its just going to get me into trouble!
  11. You have a good point. I tell myself, though that "I'm the master of my fate, the captain of my soul." Sometimes my soul tells me to break out the plastic and get a good handbag once in a while. Hee hee!