Marc Jacobs on Myspace!

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  1. I don't have a myspace account but it makes me want to make one seeing that I could be friends w/ Marc!
  2. Sometimes these celebrity myspace sites aren't made by the actual person but by a fan. This one appears to be one of them. I mean, who actually admits their age in their "about me" section? LOL....
  3. Actually, I think it's actually him!
  4. Eh, I friended him anyway !
  5. I'm pretty sure its him because if you look at his partner's page and his partner's cousin's page, they are in photos together and seem legit. I friended him regardless.
  6. Can someone PLEASE ask him if that Poltergeist back tatoo "rumor" is true?
  7. Can someone also ask him to bring back nickel hardware on the soft calf bags? :idea:
  8. I don't think it's real. Or I'd be shocked that a 44 year old man and the head of LV and Marc Jacobs uses triple !!! for every other sentences, the word "ya" and completely awful punctuation. Plus all three of those pictures can easily be found online just by googling Marc's name.

    It looks and sounds like it was written by a teenage girl.
  9. It's real.
  10. How come? ^
  11. I read it was real on
  12. I like that he has a space and was leaning toward it being real as well. The over usage of !!!! is pretty funny. I do have to say, he is looking a lot better these days. I'm glad he got a tan and went for a newer look !!!!!! (my homage to Marc)
  13. I think he looked better before. He kinda reminds me of the lead singer of Jane's Addiction now.
  14. I doubt it's real, he would use a professional to set up his account. He host his pics on photobucket, doesn't look real to me. The info came from which is all about rumors.