Marc Jacobs on cover of Out Magazine

  1. Have a subscription in my office. I completely stopped what i was doing to read the article. Alot of good insight into Marc's life. Alot of pics too. I see pics on but i can't seem to get to an article. Check it out if you have a chance.
  2. The first and last pics on the site are the best. Who knew he was so chiseled? I think he looks fabulous. The last pic of him kissing his reflection is perfect in a cathartic way.
  3. I have only seen the cover, but my goodness, what a hunkahunkabuffbod he's got! Good for him...seems like he's had some major ups and downs with addiction in his life, but you don't get a physique like that without taking very good care of yourself. Glad to see he's come out so healthy on the other side.:smile:
  4. I couldn't enlarge this picture but I LOVE it!! He's so sweet with his dogs. Awww!

  5. Next time I hit Borders, I am going to have to pick up a copy.

    Thanks for the heads up! :smile:
  6. Cool, I can't wait to read the article.. that doggie picture is so adorable!
  7. The dog picture is SO cute...OK, now I like him even more, LOL.
  8. Those are two lucky dogs to have a daddy so fantastic!:happydance::happydance:
  9. ^^I agree he looks like a great daddy to his dogs.
  10. here's a link to his interivew from out magazine:

    i'm very skeptical when it comes to celebrity interviews, but i thought he sounded very earnest and sincere. he came across as a really sweet person who had endured some hardships and emerged all the more wiser and self-aware. i hope he stays healthy and designs many more beautiful clothes, shoes, and bags!
  11. He's also featured in this month's [SIZE=-1]Harpers Bazaar [September issue]. There are a few pages of photos of him (in a tutu!) and a pretty big article about his friendship with Naomi Campell.
  12. I'm actually scanning the photos & article now. I'll post them for you ladies as soon as I am done. :smile:
  13. Great interview, thanks for the link!:tup:
  14. He is so hot!!
  15. ^^^I agree! And what a great pic of him with his furbabies!