Marc Jacobs Olive Hobo $430

  1. I think that is a pretty good deal. I checked the link and it's now gone. Did you get it?

  2. I thought I got it, but when I checked my account status it said CANCELED!:confused1:
  3. ^^^was that after you checked out? Did you call to find out what happened? Sorry that happened to you.

    eta - that was a beautiful color. Hope you find another.
  4. Thank you, I did love the color...My order went through, but when I clicked on my account, the status showed as canceled... I guess there was maybe only one available...
  5. that happened to me last year - I ordered a gorgeous Isabella Fiore bag at a fantastic price - my order went thru & was confirmed. When I checked it about 15 minutes later, it said cancelled, but I didn't get an email for another 3 days (if I hadn't looked back, I wouldn't have known & would have been expecting the bag 2 days later!!). I was so mad - they said it happenes a lot. That there's only one left & two people place an order at the same time - both orders go thru but there's only one bag, so one ends up getting cancelled (I wonder how they decide which one to cancel if they're placed at the same time?).

    Lucky for me, I found the same bag at a NM Last Call Store - the price was more than 2x as much, but after I explained what happened, thee mgr agreed to sell me the bag at half price which ended up being about $20 more than I originally was going to pay!!
  6. I saw that exact bag at the Saks Off 5th in Leesburg, VA a week or two ago - I'd try calling there. I think it was $549, but there is usually a 20% coupon, or some kind of deal thing on the weekends there. I bet you could call around and find it. It's a really pretty bag IRL!