Marc Jacobs Olive Hobo $402 + tax

  1. the price is good but you should make a decision based on whether or not you like it not based on the price. :smile:
  2. Oh, I do like it, and I did get it (unless it is canceled)....I guess I am suffering from bag guilt...I have too many, but then another comes along...:push::shame:
  3. HONEY don't feel bad....i am exactly the same way...i just got the last of the stella mccartney clutches (another post) and was wondering the same thing....i lovee the bag but am in bag overload....
    look at it this way, we can always return if we don't like them (BUT WE WILL LOVE THEM) however i am going to the back of the closets and get those dusty old vintage guccis and coaches and sharif and falchis and sell em on eBay so i can pay for NEW is so much more fun!

    ENJOY and don't worry can email me i have the same addiction
    when the sales are over we will go on a bag buying ban! ok?

    yikes i bought three bags today help me:yahoo::okay::crybaby:

    OH WELL one GOOD THING ...bloomies cancelled a mbmj satchel that i ordered a few weeks ago ..i just got the notice HORRAYYY lol

  4. Yup, I just got canceled!:push:
  5. how do you check if it's canceled or not?

  6. If you click on "My Account", all of your online orders should be listed there. Click on the most recent and it will tell you the status. If it is not immediately canceled, it will say "In Process."