marc jacobs nude charity tshirt

  1. i bought 2 of them marc jacobs nudie tshirts at the marc jacobs store the other day and i absolutely love them:p

    my one has naomi campbell on it because shes quite elegant lol

    does anyone else own one of these tops?

  2. I would love to get one! How much did you get them for?
  3. I did own one, the first release of them but I sold it on eBay recently lol shockingly it sold for $130! I couldn't believe it. It was a great shirt, but I needed the money.
  4. i have the dita von teese one.. got it for $30 something @ Marc by Marc Jacobs store.. wanna get the Naomi or Heidi one but they don't have it in small..
  5. last warning - do not post your eBay auctions here again.
  6. i have two of these shirts that i purchased a while back and was wondering if anyone one else has one because there amazing
    i have 2 naomi campbell ones :biggrin: lol
    does anyone have the rufus or joss stone one in particular
    or any others?
  7. i purchased the shirt with dita von teese on it for my boyfriend. i love her! the shirts supports a good cause, so that's a plus too.
  8. i didn't know these were still available...i wanted the winona ryder one and the dita one...i was going to buy one on eBay, but the prices are so high...
  9. i saw these shirts yesterday kim, but i didnt see the dita von teese one. if i had, i would have definitely got it; shes so classy. :smile: