Marc Jacob's new boyfriend!


  2. I got the best deal on a pair of MJ off white jeans at Barneys while on vacation :rolleyes:
  3. A big "Oooops" to me.........I thought MJ was married, to a woman. Where the hell have I been :confused1:

    Hope things with his new sweetie work out :tup:
  4. Hope this one doesnt get Marc Jacobs name tattoed right across his arm hee hee ;)
  5. LOL, he's gay! (like 99% of the men in fashion world)
  6. Good for them.
  7. Is this the same boyfriend from the thread from earlier today where someone said his friend was MJ's new boyfriend and had posted pics of them kissing and the BF holding a miroir and then a mod said the thread was gonna be closed?

    Just curious.
  8. Hmm interesting... this morning there was a thread here at LV that her highschool friend is dating Marc Jacobs and posted pictures of her friend and Marc Jacobs ( i forgot who she was)

    And just now i was read on I-net about that and the same picture! :S I don't know if it was because of her posting or maybe someone else read it...

    I feel so bad for MJ :sad:
  9. News travels fast on the internet!
  10. ^^^Seriously!
  11. yeah i can't find the thread anymore i think they took it out (good that they did it)
    Dayum it travels so fast!
  12. Wow!
  13. What's the big deal with Marc liking them young, I thought most men do?!? :p
  14. Lol, that was quick..
  15. yeah i don't get it either. And so what if he likes them young, old, fat, yellow, pink or purple. If they want to be together of just a fling thing. Who are we to talk and judge!