Marc Jacobs Navy Multi Pocket

  1. Hi..has anyone seen one of these other than at the Marc Jacobs boutiques? thanks mags
  2. so funny, but in the celeb pic thread, there is a recent pic of Cameron Diaz in the NY store and the navy multipocket w/ gold hardware is on the top shelf.
  3. It is a gorgeous bag. I need to find a store where I can charge my puchase...anyone? mags
  4. sorry, totally read your message wrong!

    but you can charge at the MJ store, are you concerned about returning for store credit only?
  5. I haven't seen it anywhere outside the MJ boutiques... have you tried calling Saks, Neimans, or Bloomies?
  6. I know that the Neiman Marcus at the Tyson's Galleria in McLean, VA had the large multipocket in Navy the last time I went there. They take NM and American Express cards.
  7. Nordstrom didn't get any Soft Calf MPs (both sizes) for Spring 07. Neiman Marcus carries Soft Calf Large Multipocket in Navy.

    Nordstrom's Spring 07 Lookbook
    Neiman Marcus's Spring 07 Lookbook

    You can check other locations by giving the SA the style number for Multipocket (C371003) and Large Multipocket (C371002). Good luck. =)
  8. Thanks guys...I am on a quest...I will let you know what I find. :smile: mags
  9. Mags, Navy Large Multipocket is available at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, California). Their number is 714.824.4651, ask for Cindy Strukelj; PM me if you would like her cell phone number. =)
  10. ^LOL....Bag.lover can locate any MJ bag on the planet....shes the best !
  11. Seriously, after reading a couple of threads right now in the past 15 minutes, bag.lover has proved to be the best resource!
  12. Such a thought for sure I wanted the multi pocket and now suddenly the venetia has me in her grips...whew....
    By the way thanks which should I least I know for sure I love the blue. mags
  13. I saw the navy multipocket today at Bloomingdales, Century City. Love the Venetia as well; the navy is available online at nordstrom.
  14. i was JUST gonna post that nordys has the navy venetia online.
  15. Thanks you guys...think I should wait until they go on sale?? mags...this is so hard..the bug has me. mags