Marc Jacobs Natasha Classic v. "New"?

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  1. I recently fell in love with the Marc Jacobs Natasha bag after seeing it IRL. I've been checking on ebay for some deals on the bag and noticed that some sellers include "Classic" in the bag's name while others do not. Also, some Natashas have the black and white interior while the interior of some other Natashas is the same color as the exterior. So is there a difference between classic and non-classic Natashas? And does the interior of the bag play any part in whether it's classic? Thanks so much for any information.
  2. I have had my classic q Natasha in purple for almost 4 years now - it is my go to bag for travelling.

    The main differences that I have noted between the Classic Q Natasha and the newer ones are:
    1. Size - Classic Q is more roomy in the front pouch and has a wider mouth than the new.
    2. Strap - Classic Q has a longer strap length and is thinner than new.
    3. Lining - C Q has the graffiti style black 'n white lettering on satin lining. New has a plain cotton lining.
    4. Magnetic snap - C Q has a magnetic snap for the front pouch flap diirectly on the leather, the New has an extra piece attached.
    Hope that helps.
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  3. IMG_0031.JPG

    Photo of my Natasha taken a while back.
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  4. That color is gorgeous. I'm guessing it's hard to find since I haven't come across it yet. Thank you for the info. Sounds like I should get a Classic.
  5. Just to add - the Classic version front MBMJ plate is bigger and looks a little different than the newer version. I LOVE the classic Natashas!! I own a few in mini and reg size. I tried a newer version, but I wasn't a fan so I returned it. The leather is much softer and yummier on the classic version. The nwt classic ones are a little harder to find than the newer versions, but they can still be found if you search around. I just recently bought a brand new mini black. I just took her on a trip and worked perfectly!
  6. Pretty! I agree I love my Natashas and they are perfect travel bags!
  7. Where did you find it at?
  8. Nordstrom Rack online. They randomly pop up every so often.
  9. Too bad they don't ship to Europe!!
  10. Oh gosh, I'm looking for one too, electric blue how's thinking
  11. Blue would be amazing!
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  12. love mine too!
  13. So pretty
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  14. Thank you, plan to get one now