Marc Jacobs=my new love!

  1. I don't own a Marc Jacobs bag yet, but after discovering this forum, I'm saving my money! :tup:
  2. I can totally relate. I remember thinking that if I ever owned a Stella I'd die a happy girl. Well, 20-something MJ's later, I'm still a fan!!
  3. I've been exploring other brands, and I always come back to MJ. Love them!
  4. I was a Coach addict for many years! Now I dream Marc Jacobs, I adore MJ bags and now own three and hope for more!:yahoo::heart:
  5. i can't seem to get into any other brands...i mean, not that i'd really want to ;)
  6. So have you decided which MJ bag should be your first?

    Hard decision I know but a fun one.
  7. I'm not sure yet. I've been looking on eLuxury and I like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Mimi, Turnlock Posh J.J. and the Lovely Aline. I think I need to go to the mall and see some IRL before I decide.
  8. Hey b*tch! Marc is MY MAN!

    Joking! Theres enough of Marc to go around
  9. i agree with alot of ladies in this post. i saved up money for my first mj...i thought it was pricey (for the condition and with the small salary i was making...but i really wanted one so badly), however the quality/color won me over. Compared to other purse designers out there, mj bags is the only one for me.
  10. I own bags from other brands but I love Marc the most! MJ bags are wonderful, great quality and fantastic design.
  11. Hi from one Marc newbie to another! I just ordered my first on Friday! YAY!