Marc Jacobs Multi pocket bag sizes and online stores

  1. hello everyone.. I was wondering about the Large and small sizes of the Multi pocket I want to get one but i would love to see pictures of someone wearing the large vs the small... Also do you know of any online stores that carry authentic ones for cheaper? I cant spend the full price on one.. I found one site and they sold some for 479 which seems too good to be true// thank you so much
  2. I know there was a post on this. It might be in the reference libary or do a keyword search of multipocket. I think baglover might have provided the info. She'll probably respond soon.

    I like the large for everyday because it looks really casual when it's worn in a little. If you're shorter, though, the smaller might be a better bet. I don't know of an online site though. I did see the one you're speaking of (at least I think it's the same). I was skeptical because their bags just looked fake to me. I could be wrong. I'm sure someone will chime in.
  3. Resort 2006's SOFT CALF Lg Multipocket in Olive
  4. ^ Does it make you wonder when the price's true good to be true? The safest bet is to buy from an authorized retailer of Marc Jacobs.

    You can check members' posts on outlets (Off 5th & NM Last Call). With promotional coupons (like extra 30% off), you should be able to find a multipocket at your price range. Good luck. =)
  5. thanks so much! Now the pictures posted are those large or small?
  6. Olive - Large Multipocket
    Brick Red - Multipocket

    There are 2 sizes: Large and regular. By default (LG doesn't precede MULTIPOCKET), it's the regular size (ie small).