Marc Jacobs Mouse

  1. Hi All!
    First post here. I found the Marc Jacobs mouse flats online today and have quickly become obsessed.
    I have found a pair of the patent ones in my size and before I order them immediately I wanted some opinions...
    Do you think I can wear the patent into fall or should I wait for the hair ones?
    Opinions please!
  2. I have a white patent pair. Love them. So comfy. Yes to wearing them in the fall if they aren't white. I personally don't like the haircalf ones.
  3. ditto i don't like the new hairy ones. careful of fakes when buying, there's lots!
  4. Buy the patents!
  5. What should I look for to spot a fake?
    Any tips?
  6. bumping up
  7. there's not good way to tell unfortunately, since they're pretty good fakes. where are you buying them, do you have a picture?
  8. If you find ones you want, post a picture.
  9. I have the white patent, they're so adorable! I'm not an expert either when it comes to shoes, but I'd see if the seller has the original box, and also ask for a picture of the bottom of the shoes. Usually fake shoes have less detail on the bottom. Good luck!
  10. I'm looking for the marc jacobs mouse patent shoes! where did you find them online?/
  11. It seemed like I saw a pair of the mouse flats on recently..
  12. Elux has the pony hair mom ordered me a pair but hasn't given them to me yet. I wish she would already in case I need to exchange sizes.
  13. did anyone have a problem with their MJ patent white mouse flats feeling a bit stiff--i mean i know patent leather is stiff but mine felt slightly hard and the back part rubbing against my heel was a bit stiff and hurt each time i wore them =X
  14. yep mine kill when i wear them. i always get at least 1 blister on each foot. but i wear them anyways because they're so darned cute!