marc jacobs mouse shoes

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  1. Those are outrageous prices. I just saw those at Macy's in Newport Beach for $295...and they were 25% off.
  2. mlert, they are so cute! I would check Macy's first like Lelgin said....

    Very cute!!! :smile:
  3. cute
  4. lol Aw they're very cute. Speaking of cute, ^ coachwife6 your new avatar is adorable!!
  5. so that's where they all ended up! i tried to do a search for them in Canada to no avail. and those are $$!
  6. ahh. the MJ Mouse Shoes...I had my eye on those awhile back...soo cute~! post pics if you find 'em~!!
  7. ^ good to know! I'll check N-A-P! Thanks ladies!
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