Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

  1. I tried them on, like 4 years ago? They were in sale but so damn uncomfortable, ughh.
  2. Have you ladies seen the new pink slingback mouse flats? I think they only have them at Shopbop and Revolve right now , I'd post a pic but I think this forum doesn't let me upload from my computer anymore. I really want to get them but do you think they look too young for a 24 year old? I would wear with them with long tanks and peplum tops with skinny jeans and summer dresses.
  3. I bought fuschia MJ mouse jellys on NAP on sale like half a year ago (for like 60$). They run a bit big IMHO, i yet have to wear them, and they a just too cute ) i would love to get ones with gold gliltter
  4. What size are you? The gold glitter ones are at the Lord & Taylor in Jersey Gardens on sale. I just saw them a few hours ago. I see you're in NYC, may be worth the trip? They were too small for me :sad:
  5. Im size 39, and my jellys were also 39. What size were those? i hope 39 (fingers crossed) :smile: also, how much were they on sale? I wonder if they on sale only in 1 store, i will be passing lord taylor on 5th ave in nyc on monday.

    Thanks so much!
  6. They were 39!!! I'm almost certain, as I would wear a 40.5 and was hoping (yeah yeah it was a long shot lol) that they'd fit me so I tried them on.

    I'm so sorry though, once they didn't work for me I didn't bother to remember the price. But they were definitely on sale. Not sure if they'll be at the one in the city. I think the one at Jersey Gardens is an outlet center? Check the size 9 shoes, closer to the end with the aisle facing the rest of the store. and if you go, GOOD LUCK!
  7. I had a pair a few years ago, and am looking to buy another pair.. however last time I went shopping they didn't have my size.
    I may go again in the near future.

    I think they are super cute but do you think they are on the way "out"? or will these always be and "iconic" item? they are about $200 + and I don't want to spend TOO much on a very trendy pair of flats I can only wear part of the year ( I live in a cool, rainy climate and only wear flats in spring/summer)
  8. I don't think they are that trendy,i remember already seeing them 6-7years ago when i was on a holiday in italy :smile:
    and as long as you like them it shouldn't bother you if they are ,,on their way out'' :biggrin:
    i also live in a country where i can only wear them during spring and summer,but i also like to wear them with tights in autumn :smile:
  9. I love mine! I probably should have gone up a half size or so because after a while they start digging into my feet, but they're pretty comfortable before that happens, ha ha. :smile: Here are some photos:




  10. Sweetheart, nothing is too young for a 24 year old. I'm 20 years older than you and I wear them!

    I just bought the pink slingback ones, but they haven't arrived in the mail yet.
  11. Omg!! The whiskers are too cute. Love the bag too. Awesome shoes, awesome bag! Might I ask which bag that is please?
  12. Amen!!!
  13. It's a Marc by Marc Jacobs "Ozzie Square Baby Aiden Bag", it's from July 2011 so they I'm not sure if they make it in this exact color/fabric anymore. It's my favorite bag (even more than my classic Chanel, dare I say) and I use it alllll the time!
  14. Wow. Well she certainly is eye catching. :smile: thank you!