Marc Jacobs Mouse flats

  1. hii, does anyone know where i can still find these???


    these are the ones with the cute mouse face design and came in black or white and in flat shoes or slingback flats i think.

  2. the first time I saw them they were on Zappos, and then they started appearing on Net-A-Porter, then Nordstrom but now they're all gone!

    I think your best bet is a department store- Neimans, bloomies, etc.

    I'm sorry I'm not much help. peep peep.
  3. Those shoes are SO adorable!! I saw them months and months ago in a small boutique, and decided that I couldn't spend the amount of money nessecary for a pair of "trendy" flats. Boy, am I sorry I decided that!

    They're a couple pairs availible on ebay, at least they were a couple of weeks ago...but beware, they're priced higher than retail, at about 300-400 USD! Good Luck on your search!!!
  4. yikes, i think it might be a little too late now. =/

    I heard they were on sale at macy*s for 25% off like at least two months ago but they sold out insanely quick even when they were regular price. you can always get saks or NM (or macys) to do a store locator.

    what size are you? i have a 6.5 that are a teensy bit big for me
  5. They seem completly sold out over here unfortunatly. There weren't many pairs to start with and they flew off the shelves. I can try calling the stores again if you give me a size. They tend to run true or slightly small (for the closed ones)
  6. Good luck with your search....they are really hard to find now, and occassionally, you'll see them on eBay with jacked up prices.
  7. I love the mouse shoes also~!

    I hear they are comfortable too....
  8. Yes, they are definitely
  9. I HAVE THEM!!

    i got the black patent at 2.5 months ago....they only had one pair left in my size :smile: they also at the time had grey patent ones...not so cute...
    i def had to break them in for like 4 wearings....its good too bc they have a rubber sole on the bottom so they wont get wrecked and will last longer.

    good luck!