Marc Jacobs Mouse flats??

  1. I think they are very cute ... can anyone who has them tell me the retail price and if they run small or not.


  2. I don't know what the mouse flats retail for but in my experience, MJ does run a bit small in their shoe sizes. I'd normally have to go a half size bigger in MJs:smile:
  3. oh ok thanks so much ,, just curious now to what the retail may have been ?? Anyone ??
  4. i don't have those, but i have 5 pair, and i find they run true to size.
  5. I saw them at Macy's for $295. I could have been mistaken but I think every shoe in the store was 25% off.
  6. They are soooo cute... I'm actually considering buying a pair :love:
    They retail for 250 Euros in Amsterdam (about 305 USD)
  7. Thanks everyone ... now I am not sure wether to get the sling backs or the flats
  8. I find they run true to size also.
  9. the retail is $295? those ppl on eBay are selling them for so much more! terrible!
  10. I bought them originally in the slingback version in my normal size, 8. But all the other MJ shoes I've tried, especially the heels, I've needed at least a half-size, if not a full size up.

    The slingbacks were cute, but I ended up returning them b/c they were just too flat. I need something with a little heel. NM stores still have the white and black slingbacks. You should give them a call or go to your local one to see if they're in stock. If not, they can get them for you. The slingbacks are $295.
  11. Augh, I haven't seen them anywhere but eBay and yes they are marked up 100$ + !!
  12. arrgghh I just check eBay and you are right -- well I live in the Uk so that means no mice MJ shoes for me :sad:
  13. They don't have it in the UK???? :weird:

    I guess you can come over to Amsterdam with Easyjet ;) or ask somebody to buy them for you?
  14. Hey !! I am coming to Amsterdam (staying at the Flying Pig hostel), where would I go to best find these shoes ? :amazed:
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