***Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats... QUESTION!

  1. Hi. i won the mouse flats on eBay:


    But then noticed that they had "Marc Jacobs" inside the shoe rather than "Marc by Marc Jacobs" ... is that okay??

    Because I googled and some of the flats had "Marc by Marc Jacobs" whereas OTHERS had just "Marc Jacobs"

    im a little concerned.. my first MJ shoes.. that's why.

    any help would be great! thanks!
  2. i've seen both versions also. if I'm correct, when they first came out they said marc jacobs, but in the latter versions (pony hair, leopard print) they said mbymj. here's another variation of the inside sole.

  3. i don't mean to alarm you, but the patent mouse flats were heavily faked and available on ioffer in both white and black with mj shoeboxes included. i believe the patent 06 versions only had 'marc jacobs' imprinted in the insole, so that detail is correct. before you pay, i would ask the seller some additional questions about where s/he purchased the shoes, why s/he have so many pairs for sale, and if there is a receipt available. there are other details that make this transaction suspicious: the private bidder's list, numerous pairs for sale, and the seller even used the ioffer photos! don't know how else you can authenticate these flats unless you could compare them with someone else who has this particular style and purchased them from a department store or at a mj boutique. either way, i would proceed with caution before sending payment.

  4. i believe those are fake :x not because of the Marc Jacobs / Marc by Marc Jacobs labeling but because...
    - the font of Marc Jacobs printed inside is a bit off and the 's' is too close to the stitching
    - the patent white leather should not be showing in the insole(? um inside sole?)
    - if you look at the side picture, i dont think there should be any print on the inside side heel (i think the black text says its material, size and where its made but i believe for authentic mouse shoes, theyre place at the front and not the back)
    - the sole doesnt look quite right but i cant work out what it is lol

    ask for a picture of the box labeling? i know most of the fakes get that wrong. But yeah... these are just my observations because i have actually seen a fake mouse shoe. Heres an authentic one for you to compare:
  5. were the ponyhaired ones faked??? i almost bid on a pair...
  6. They are available on iOffer so I'm going to say yes.
  7. oh nooo :sad:

    okay. do you think she'll give me negative feedback if i dont buy it?? she offers a 7 day money back guarantee... i thought the print looked a little off to me too..
  8. How do these particular MJ shoes fit? I'm planning on ordering the pony hair ones from Zappos but I'm not sure what size I need. I'm usually a 5.5-6 and I wear a 6 in the Tory Burch Reva flats. Would I be a 6 in these too?

    (Sorry for jumping into your thread, JuicyME! :shame: Maybe you could offer to pay the listing fee to get out of the auction?)
  9. i would ask her if she would agree to mutually withdraw from the transaction. if she asks why, you could gently point out that you have authenticity doubts. i wouldn't buy it and then try to return it. who knows if the seller will hassle you when you do try to invoke her money back guarantee policy, and if you end up having to file a paypal dispute, it could take more than a month for you to get your refund. i wouldn't trust paypal to side with you either even if she is selling fakes.
  10. is Zappos authentic?? sigh! :sad:
  11. ^ yes, absolutely.

  12. it's so funny.
    coz i asked her if it was authentic... and all the questions that you guys told me to ask her.

    then she replied and didn't answer any of them and just simply said she would do a mutual agreement :smile: now im happy! & relieved.

    is Zappos authentic? oops u answered already, THANKS!! =) i love purseforum

  13. I ordered my black&white ones through Zappos and I got mine half size bigger and they fit perfectly! Hope that helps!

  14. You know I got scammed with a pair of the black&white pony hair ones on ebay....and was able to return them for a full refund thankfully! Definitely go through Zappos....and order them half a size up....they are a bit small in the toes :smile::tup: