MARC JACOBS Monogram Canvas Tote

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  1. [​IMG]

    Marc Jacobs Canvas tote as seen on and FabSugar. Perfect all-cotton earth-friendly alternative to the impossible to find Anya Hindmarch's I'm Not a Plastic Bag. Marc Jacob's monogram shoulder tote.

    I bought one for each of my sisters and their daughters! Very Designer...Very easy on the wallet!

    **NO LINKS PLEASE!!!!!!******************

    Do you like it? Do you have one? Do you want one?
  2. Yup, i bought one at the MbyMJ store in LA.. just used it recently as a beach bag :smile:
  3. Have one, get tons of compliments on it, LOVE it!

    I really love how funny the words are on the bag, try and read it in one breath without laughing!
  4. I bought two and gave one to my bf's stepsister (who's also my good friend). It's great as a throw-around bag for books, groceries, beach stuff, etc. And I think it's hilarious!
  5. Oooo, I like! :smile: I wish I was close to a marc jacobs store! Do all the stores carry it? Can it be ordered online??
  6. I have one too. I love it!
  7. i have 2 and one more coming in.. one is goign to my best bud! as soon as it gets here
  8. its not carried online

    only in marc by marc jacobs store..and the accessories store in NY

    you can order it over the phone

    but the shipping price is STEEP

    its 20 for shipping flat rate

    however if you're wanting other MbyMJ special accessories (check out the website for ohter cool stuff like pan am bags and mirrors and cute stuff!!)

    and if you want more things then the shipping is a bit better
    plus you get it overnight sometimes, and sometimes in 2 days but no longer than that
  9. yeah i got it in NY it's so awesome
  10. i have one too...
    it's a great carryall...