Marc Jacobs Mix Quilted Tote vs. Chloe Paddington

  1. Ladies,

    I have KILLED this sale season. My last effort was the purchase of the MJ Mix Quilted Tote in Gray from Barneys and the Chloe Paddington in Nutmeg (Cognac-ish color) from Net-A-Porter.

    Due to my prior purchases, it ain't possible for me to keep both. ha ha. What are your opinions on which one I should keep? I haven't received them yet, but would love your input!
  2. You'll get a better response if you provide pics. Unfortunately, I'm Chloe ignorant. Are these the bags you are talking about?

    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]
  3. I love the Marc Jacobs mix tote!! I think the chain detail on the handle and the cute pushlock are adorable!
  4. Sorry Melly - I would've but I constantly have trouble uploading you have any suggestions?

    and YES MA'AM!!! those are the ones. i ordered the MJ in grey.
  5. Thithi has suggested this website in the past for uploading pics:

    Oddly enough, the MJ bag I posted is grey. It's my understanding that the color is more of a brownish grey than a true grey. Have you received yours yet? I ordered one from Nordies but mine won't arrive until Monday. :sad:
  6. I prefer the MJ mixed tote. The paddy is nice, but it's heavy. I had one, but didn't keep it.
  7. hmm that's interesting...on the net-a-porter site the MJ looked like a true grey..but you're probably right b/c the grey mayfair looks a bit brownish...i guess it's one we need to see in real life

    just ordered mine today so i won't get it until sometime next week...
  8. I prefer the MJ mixed tote too. It's so pretty!!:heart:
  9. the net-a-porter pictures are a tad misleading. the quilted portion of the bag is a true grey. the non-quilted part is a darker grey with brown undertones. it perfectly complements each other, and while men will say it's brown, there is no doubt in my mind that it's just a darker shade of grey. i mean, my boyfriend can't tell the difference between magenta and fuschia when they are CLEARLY two different colors, so i can't trust him with matters such as these.

    that being said, and i am completely biased here, but if you keep one, i hope it's the mix quilted tote. i used to have a paddington. i was completely in love with it when i first got it a year ago. that's when the paddington craze was still big, and i got sick of it really quickly. i saw so many canal street fakes, and the lock made the bag intolerable to use. it's not convenient when you're trying to pay the starbucks barista quickly beacuse there are ten people behind you in line. meanwhile, the lock is banging against the countertop four or five times while everyone is silently wishing you and your padlocked bag would just disappear. it's downright embarrassing, so my paddington love ended as quickly as it began.

    just wanted to add that the Shopbop picture is a pretty accurate representation.
  10. tadpolenyc -

    your explanation was EXCELLENT! in my heart i know that i will probably end up keeping the mix quilted tote. i also think that although it is OF COURSE absolutely gorgeous and classic MJ, it is a bit more understated than the "incredibly recognizable for better or worse" paddington.

    i bought the paddington because i loved the color and i already own a chocolate chloe edith, which i adore. but when comparing these two bags, and after your incredibly descriptive response, i think i'm leaning toward the mix tote.

    thank you thank you!
  11. no problem. glad to be of help. :welcome:
  12. ^^^lol! :roflmfao:

    Honestly, I never cared for the Paddington before, and I think they look really dated now. The Chloe subforum gals will say that the Paddy is a classic and claim they'll be comfortable carrying them forever. That may be true, but I just wouldn't buy a new one now, in 2007 (almost 2008).
  13. Have you received both? A test run is the only way to go... try it on with different outfits and see how you like the way it feels while you're carrying it. Personally, I'd go with the MJ(I'm biased) because it's classier looking. The paddington is too heavy and the leather too thick for my taste. The only thing that would bother me about the MJ are the chain straps - it usually takes me a minute to grab it comfortably, KWIM?
  14. thanks ladies...the input has been invaluable as always... ;)
  15. You know what's funny, I didn't realize until today that I consider the Paddy dated as well. A year ago I would have died to own one, but now I'm only lukewarm. :shrugs: