Marc Jacobs Mix Quilted Chic Shoulder Bag $557

  1. This bag looks so soft. It's very cute...but is no more!
  2. ^^ Still in stock :yes:
  3. i like it too!
  4. Must have been's not there now!
  5. sometimes they pop back up after being gone - try back :smile:
  6. how tempting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I've watched this adorable bag pop up again and again over the past weeks. I don't know if this is the same bag people keep returning, or if it keeps jumping in and out of various shopping carts . . ? Too bad eLux seems to have discontinued the add'l % off sale, at least for now. Otherwise I might have to jump!
  8. it's up again.. :tup:
    and for $475!
  9. Thats a cute bag. Its gone again!!!!
  10. its still up! too bad i wont have much use for it. im not a shoulder person =(