Marc Jacobs Mini Bonanza At The Saks Outlet!

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  1. just wanted to give you ladies a heads up, i saw a shelf of MJ bags hundreds of dollars off. So if you can head to Woodbury Commons in NY good luck!
  2. Enabler! Thankfully it's nowhere near me! =)
  3. Ohhhh...I may need to go back to my Saks outlet and see what's been marked down!
  4. Drooling!! Wheee, I am off to the Commons after work then. Silly me, I meant to go all weekend and just never made it there. (And its literally 5 minutes from my house). I am so excited!! Do you remember any of the bags or colors you saw?
  5. dang, there is none near me... oh I wish living in California.... but I guess this is good for my wallet.. hehe.. thanks for sharing the info though..
  6. I was in a rush but the Stella I think it was, this gorgeous red hobo I had to think twice about, the Adina, there were hobos and satchels and a bigger tote. There was also this plum beauty..
  7. Wow, I can't wait to go... 3 hours and counting down. Can't wait to report back!
  8. ^^Yes, please indulge us with a full report when you get back KittyBag!!:yes:
  9. OH! and also there were these little MJs, with a top handle.
  10. ^^I saw those at the Off 5th in Texas. They are adorable, they had them in pink and black. Really cute, I so wanted one.
  11. Ok, so I get out of work. Sit in traffic for what feels like forever (almost 2 hours) and its raining! YUCK! But, I still braved the weather to go to Woodbury Commons to see what MJ goodies are waiting for adoption. And I even got pictures!!!
  12. Yikes, sorry you had to do all that! But....Awesome, post pics please!!!
  13. Here they are... the MJ's hanging out at Saks of 5th Ave :nuts:

    The Luca (on sale for $600ish) and Adina (on sale for $900ish) Family (top Black, & True Red, bottom True Red, and a dusty blue)

  14. The Plum deep magnificant purple Adina

  15. The Ivory/Off White Guinevere was closeby looking lovely