Marc Jacobs Military Hobo

  1. I just got my Marc jacobs military hobo but I am sort of doubting its authenticity. For those with the bag, what should I be looking for to confirm (or not) the bag's authenticity? Thanks so much!!!
  2. I was once sent a bag from the Military line once, and I remember that it didn't have a lining... what exactly is making you think that this one is not authentic? I'm not too familiar with this line overall, but it must have some hallmark MJ details to prove authenticity.
  3. Thithi you are great. Actually the absence of lining was the reason I was doubting the bag. It is lined in leather and that felt strange. I guess it must be real then. :yahoo:

    Thanks so much.
  4. Yup, it has a rough/raw feel to it, correct? I thought that was strange about this line. I do like the hobo style though.. that's what I wanted, but the dumb SA ended up sending me the Sackle instead, which was really fugly.

    Congrats on your new hobo!! Enjoy! (is she red?)
  5. Thanks Thithi!!!

    :roflmfao: No, it is not red ... wow you remember!!! it is sort of ivory, linen I think is the color. I have not found the perfect red purse yet. I am on a purse ban so I guess it will take a while until I can actually get one :crybaby:

    In any case, now I have something new to wear to the first day of class :wlae:

    Thanks so much again!!!!
  6. I like that color! It definitely will be a nice bag to wear to class. Again, congrats... and speaking of bans, I'm on the same train as you. Wanna be ban buddies? LOL...
  7. Ban buddies sounds like a great idea :idea:

    My husband is working abroad, I am on summer break, and the days are so much longer. It is getting more and more difficult to resist the urge every day around 7:00pm to leave and go shopping. :p