Marc Jacobs May Be Getting His Own Reality Show

  1. From NY Mag:

    Marc Jacobs wants a reality show, and Project Runway's Tim Gunn wants it for him. "The whole thing's sort of egotistical, I suppose, but I do find myself entertaining," says Jacobs. And says Gunn, "God knows Marc has a fascinating life, and he looks great. I'd watch." Well, if it has Tim's vote...

    Would you guys watch? Is it tacky that I totally would? :push:
  2. "...and he looks great."

    wth does that have to do with it?

    i think it would dumb down the brand, but of course i would watch.
  3. That would cheapen him. I wouldn't watch and I'd stop buying his bags. I was totally surprised and turned off that he was on the hills.
  4. AGREED. I would watch it, but only because I cant resist a total trainwreck. Nothing good could come from that kind of show for MJ either the man or the brand.
  5. Hmmm, not sure what I think of this. The only good thing that I think might make this a more "respectable" reality show (if that's even possible) is if Tim Gunn is affiliated with it. But it's hard to tell from that blurb whether Tim has a part in it. And yes, I would watch too. :shame:
  6. i doubt this would happen. i'm sure lvmh would not be happy with mj getting his own reality show. in fact, i think they would strongly dissuade him from doing such a thing as not to dilute the mj and lv brand. i mean, lv is already having a problem as it is being the most heavily counterfeited luxury brand. why would they want their creative director galavanting on a show that would probably not paint him in the best light considering reality tv heavily edits to produce as much drama as possible

    i think it's just him and his newfound bravado talking, but in the end, his business partner and other handlers would advise against it. at least i hope so. i have no doubt that marc would be very entertaining, but i'm not sure i'd be loving his bags and clothes as much if i were to see its designer throwing naomi campbell worthy hissy fits in the design room during fall 08 fashion week as a patent leather pump is hurled across the room narrowly missing a trembling and frightened parsons intern's head.

    even tim gunn wouldn't be able to save this one.
  7. I love marc jacobs, so I would definitely watch his reality show. I bet it will be something like Kimora 's show, where he jets off to fabulous destinations and meets fabulous people. I doubt the show will focus on how he gets his collections ready for LV or his own line. We will see if this reality show even comes out.

  8. LOL at your patent leather pump hurling scenario!!! :roflmfao:

    You make some really good points Kim. Let's hope Marc's advisors change his mind. And maybe you're right about Tim Gunn. He's extremely likeable but would only be able to do so much.
  9. Well if there's one thing I've learned about MJ throughout the years is that if MJ wants something, no one or nothing will stand in his way. Chances are if he really wants a reality show bad enough and there's a producer and network willing to do it, it will happen. No one will be able to talk him out of it!
  10. i'd totally watch it!
  12. My opinion, not that it counts, it would be stupid for him to put himself that low!!
  13. I agree that it probably won't happen but it might be really interesting if the show was about handbag designers competing to design a line of handbags!

    I'd love to take a peak into the world of handbag design...
  14. it might be interesting.. but i duno. i doubt it would be good for the image. but hey marc doesnt think he is cool anyways so i doubt he cares.
  15. I would definitely watch! I am a reality tv junkie! I also think it would be SUPER interesting!!

    But I think it *would* cheapen the brand and turn some people off. It kind of reminds me of those university radio commercials and tv commercials. Whenever I see them being advertised I think.."wow, that must not be a very good school if they have to do this"