Marc Jacobs lunchbox bag?

  1. Okay i saw this purse and I really like it. The only thing is that I have no idea where I can purchase it at, because i've never seen it before until today. Does anyone know where it might be available at?

  2. Once in a blue moon I see that one on Ebay... if I run into one, I'll def let you know!
  3. Thanks
  4. I remember seeing it on ebay too, good catch Thithi. =)
    Sixteencandles, we will keep you posted.
  5. Hi!
    I was also looking at the lunchbox bag it's so cute!

    if you go to [e fashionhouse .com] (all 1 word w/o space) and click on marc jacobs they have the bags on sale (I can't paste the website for some reason?!?!?!?!)
    I'm nost sure if they are authentic or not, (they look like authentic retailers) but do check it out!
    Let me know what you all think
  6. yeah i love this bag as well!! when did it come out?
  7. Yes, the do have it on that site (of which name we will not mention), and they are authentic. But the owner of that website made a lot of people in forum angry. You could go there if you'd like.
  8. I have heard of quite a few horrible experiences (from members of thefashionsopt and tPF) with this store & its owners. Buyers received products that were damaged/stained and/or not as depicted on its site so they contacted the store. Its owner went cold turkey -- not willing to work out the issues with the buyers. She posted a rude and unbelievable response in one of the threads in General Discussion subforum recently. With this type of store/seller, it's either hit or miss. If you are lucky enough to receive an item without any problem, it's good for you. Otherwise, it's a complete nightmare trying to resolve it.

    I personally would stay away.
  9. Oh gosh
    Thanks for the info.. (I had no idea!!)
    No wonder I can't post their web page name on here
    (Sorry about that)
  10. Joanne, Thithi, & all, we are all here to help each other. No problem at all. =)