Marc Jacobs lovers please help!

  1. Would someone please tell me if this bag is authentic? I’m leery of buying a bag from a consignment store that still has it’s “original” tags on it :Push:

    Please help!
  2. Have you tried posting on the MJ Sub-forum?
  3. I did.. no luck so far :sad:
  4. I'm not really familiar with this bag in terms of authenticity, but it was a style that wasn't too popular and I think the likelihood of it being inauthentic is slim. I see that the tag has the black string still attached and what looks like a Neiman Marcus tag.

    Do you happen to have more pictures? It's hard to tell from that angle.
  5. Thank you, SuLi :heart: Anything you can tell me is much appreciated! The owner wants $590.00 for this bag. Is it worth it?

    I have the other photos attached.
    21271_1_large.jpg 21271_1_small.jpg 21271_2_large.jpg
  6. I think the larger version of this bag was on sale a few weeks ago at Bergdorf for about the same price. I think. If you really like it, I guess $590 is a good deal. I'm not sure I would pay that amount for it.
  7. I believe the bag is called the Serena. I don't know very much about these because it's a rare bag, but I think maybe $500 is reasonable.
  8. Thanks, ladies :heart:

    The MJ forum alerted me to a MJ sale at for 25% off and now I can't decide between the Serena and the black Quilted Hobo Banana :shrugs:

  9. black quilted hobo will be more useful i think :smile:
  10. But the zipper opening is kind of small... might scratch your hand getting in and out of the bag.
  11. ^ you're right, the zipper opening is smaller than I like, but the way the bag hangs and looks is fabulous. I love the hobo.
  12. girlycharlie - I actually just purchased a Serena in eggshell at the Neiman Last Call sale event last weekend so I can at least tell you for sure that this bag is not the Serena style. My Serena only has one zippered compartment. It's smaller than this bag and is shaped more like a bowler. With the sale they had going on, the bag only cost me around $350. If you have a LC near you, you may want to check them out too. My store also had this color in larger, similar styles to this bag.

  13. Suli! My beautiful bag wasn't popular back when it first came out?! Oh...I'm so sad. I am in love with my new Serena!!:sad: