Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton on ARTE TV/Europe

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  1. Has anybody seen the fantastic documentary on Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton on April 27th on European arte tv - perhaps on satellite? Check out for reading the interviews with MJ, Yves Carcelles etc. They have a French and a German homepage.
    It was the most amazing report on MJ and LV I have ever seen and it was extremely informative. Dominique Miceli a friend of MJs and director Loic Prigent, who also did the one on Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL (excellent!!!) made this film. The documentary shows MJ in his NY Soho loft working on ideas, as well as sitting at Paris LV headquarters designing new bags. You see an old purple acrylic vest morphose into a new purple cashmere sweater. You also get to see a tiny little bit of the private person MJ going to art exhibitions. And after this film we now know what MJ said when he was first shown the material for the OLYMPE bags, who and what has been an inspiration to Marc Jacob's new Polka Dots Fleur line, apart from the delicious and colourful (Ladurée?) macarons ;) he gets served every day, that the last item for the ladies SS07-fashion show was completed at 02:59 pm and the show was to start at 03:00 pm and much more. - I have written to arte to see if it possible to get a dvd or if and when they will re-run this documentary. Will post again once I know.
  2. I need to see this! I have seen the chanel doc. So cool
  3. So far if you check the program there is no re-run planned. But I have contacted ARTE and will post again when I get their reply, whatever that may be.
    Groetjes uit Venen!
  4. thanks! I have seen some previews on the website and it is so cool to see! love the comment of marc when he sees the leather of the cloud bags!LOL
    groetjes uit Beverwijk!
  5. Oh I really want to see this!
  6. What does he say about the leather for clouds bags? -- I would love to see this movie-
  7. When being presented the material for the "cloud" bags Marc Jacobs said:

    "That is so insane!
    That is so sick in the head!
    That is so good!"

    That documentary was out of this world! Great!
  8. Oh Cool.
  9. I'd love to see the Marc documentary. :smile: