Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Topaz: Should I keep it if I love it but won't use it?

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Topaz Little Stam: Keep it or get rid of it?

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  1. After all the hoopla about this bag, I just had to grab one of my own! I received it today and I have to admit, it is gorgeous. The Topaz color is complex; a deep turquoise grayish blue green color that is positively enchanting. I had thought that the bag might have looked better with silver hardware but I now that I see the bag IRL, I have to admit the gold hardware is a perfect compliment to it. Overall, the whole look of the bag is breathtaking.

    I checked every square inch of the bag and it is perfect; there is none of the rubbing that has been seen on other stams and after carefully reviewing the bag, I am satisfied it is authentic, and as such, I am completely comfortable knowing I purchased an authentic bag.

    The problem, however, is that I typically like a large bag! I knew going in that the little stam was in fact "littler" than the Stam but now that I have it, Im thinking too myself where and when am I going to use this bag? It would work great as a going out at night bag, but my @$$ doesn't go out much at night at all.

    So this is my dilemma: I love the bag, its gorgeous, but IMO its too small as an everyday bag. What should I do? Keep it or sell it, even though I love it

    Does anyone have bags they love but wont use? Your input would be appreciated too!

    Any thoughts are appreciated!

  2. well of course, if you know for certain you'll never use it, you should sell it. It's silly to keep a bag you'll never use -- but I'd really be surprised if you NEVER needed a smaller bag. I also like larger bags - rarely do I ever carry a bag that can't fit my entire life inside!! But I realized I needed something smaller when it came time to go to my Xmas party this year and I didn't have a decent bag to carry -- I ended up using my Black Balenciaga (always a great go-to bag when you need it!), but it would have been soooo nice to have a Baby Stam (which I got soon after!!). I've only used mine 2 or 3x - once on Xmas and then 2 other times when I was out & didn't want to lug around my larger bags - it fit exactly what I needed without leaving me feeling overwhelmed or like I was missing something.

    For a smaller bag, it still holds all the necessities for an evening or afternoon out - my cell phone fit in the front pocket and inside I carried my smaller billfold, keys, sunglasses, a medicine bottle and my daily planner and there was still room left over. Even tho I carry larger bags on a daily basis, I can't believe I went so long w/o a smaller bag/evening bag. Everyone goes to parties, weddings, baby showers, funerals, etc and most people don't like lugging around their Stams, Morning After Bags, Paddingtons, Spy Bags, etc -- they're just too large for events like those (and who wants to have to keep track of those "suitcases"!!) The Baby Stam is the perfect bag for events and times like those.

    I say keep it for those times -- but then again, if you absolutely KNOW you won't use it even for those types of events, then you should sell it.

    p.s. I have a full size stam in Topaz and absolutely love it - I agree with everything you said about it's color and the hardware accents. I think it's one of the best colors MJ's ever done and I can see why so many people yearn for this bag!!!
  3. ^May I ask what color your little Stam is?
  4. I have a 1st season Taupe Baby Stam -- since these 1st season bag have "kisslock issues" that's one of the reasons I didn't carry more inside -- they tend to "pop" open if there's too much inside. But the newer ones, like the full size stams, dont have this problem so you can actually fit more inside.
  5. it's really too pretty to get rid of. the way you describe the color, it sounds like you love it. true, the little stam is not the most functional sized bag, but think about all the stuff you carry with you in a day. is all of it absolutely necessary? you might start having days where you don't want to lug around so much, and your little topaz stam would be perfect for that. i recently bought a smaller sized bag that i am obsessed with. i am more than willing to pare down my load in order to use it on a daily basis. ugh, i'm babbling. keep it!
  6. I say keep it - you never know...... and I can think of plenty of times to use a smaller bag besides evening - running errands, shopping, going out to lunch/dinner/breakfast even - don't need a big bag for that!

    If you still haven't used it at all after a few months then maybe sell it.
  7. If you can afford to keep it and you love it then do so! If it really isn't your thing sell and get what you really love and will use!!
  8. i agree with these comments :yes: The color really is just too gorgeous to get rid of right away. There are days when I dont need/want to carry around a big bag either (or even to stop at the grocery store) so the little stam would definitely come in handy at that point. like the others said, if you dont find yourself using the little stam enough to justify keeping it, then get rid of it. not an easy decision, but just make sure you don't regret selling it prematurely
  9. i absolutely would love a little stam and i think that theyre adorable. however, if it doesnt fit your bag needs then for sure get rid of it. you could get someone you use more instead.
  10. Keep it! It's gorgeous.
  11. I have the same exact bag in the same exact color and even tho i don't use it all the time i LOVE it and the color is incredible - keep it!! it's a good bag to use when running out and not wanting to schlep a gagle of things with you.

  12. Oh Gung, i think you should sell it to me immediately! hee hee ... its so lovely, but to be honest, i have 'lovely' bags (hello chloe kerala patent) that i dont use.
  13. KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you'll have regrets if you sold it.
  14. I had the EXACT same delimma a few weeks ago - I have the exact same small stam in topaz but when I got it I was, like, I don't know about this. It was smaller than I was anticipating but I LOVE the color, blue-greens are my fave colors, and it is just so cute and I feel so chic when I wear it. I discovered that it DOES hold alot more than I thought, I just have to kind of par things down a little but it holds everything I really need just fine. I use the interior and exterior pockets to hold stuff I usually put in a cosmetics bag and it feels kind of good to have a smaller bag for a change of pace. :tup:
  15. I would keep it. The color is gorgeous and you really one day might start reaching for it on the weekends when you want a smaller bag.
    I think the bag is gorgeous....and you know how sometimes the Topaz regular sized Stam shows the blushing...well...the color should stay put as it won't be getting put the daily least think about it a little longer.
    You can always sell at a later date. This bag will always be wanted b/c it's gorgeous!