Marc Jacobs little Edie how much and who has it

  1. How much is the Little Edie I saw Kate Bosworth carrying the cream color one and I am in love!!! So cute!! Does anyone have it? Do you like it? Whats the other one thats like it but bigger? Thank you
    marc jacobs lil edie.jpg
  2. I've seen these in the store and they are really cute! I couldn't wear this though... the handle is too short for me and the stones really weigh the bag down. I believe these were clearanced during the last sale. I saw them marked down 75% off at Barney's weeks ago.
  3. i have the little edie. i only carry it for evening. it is true the stones make these bags heavy but for an evening out it is not a big deal... the little edie i have is black and was purchased at the l.a. mj store. though i had seen other stones bags in stores i had never seen a little edie and i loved it so much that i paid full price for it and never regretted it. in fact, i had seen it on the web site long before they got it in the store and waited for it to come in. when i was there they had it in black and in cherry red. i have posted pics of it in this forum when i was trying to decide between the black and red.
  4. the little eddie is beautiful! :biggrin: i wish i was able to snag one when they were 75% off!
  5. But how much does it retail for?
  6. marcjacobsamy, the bag retailed for $1795.
  7. lol
  8. ^ i was a little slow on the uptake, but i get it now. :roflmfao: